News@8pm: Gran Turismo 5 release date and iPhone 5

Plus: Cause of White iPhone 4's delay and new Androids

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GT5 date incoming? for the game industry as Gran Turismo 5 is set to be dated for release this month. Within days you could know when we will get behind the wheel of those ultra realistic virtual cars. The rumoured PlayStation Phone is now believed to run a new Sony Ericsson Z-System, the real question we all want to know, however, does the handset really exist and when can we expect it?


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White iPhone 4 delay explained: has been at an all time high recently, but we could finally be getting to the bottom of the problem. With reports suggesting camera issues are holding back the White iPhone 4 from a 2010 release, and rumours running rife around the iPhone 5 and Apple adding an integrated SIM to its next handset, we might not see a white iPhone 4 at all, ever.

HTC Mecha and Nexus two: revealed today, in one form or another, will have consumers salivating at the prospects and competitors quaking. The HTC Sense site has announced that the company will be releasing a new HTC Mecha Android handset. A leak or a deliberate move? Who cares, with HTC's current run of form a new Sense compatible device means only good things. Elsewhere, invites and industry speculation suggests the Samsung Google Nexus Two will be hitting the stores on November 8. Which Android wins your vote? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.