News@8pm: Gran Turismo 5 release and iPhone gets Flash

Plus: Palm Pre 2 pre-orders and Kinect launch updates

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab has made an impression as it busts into the market and starts to produce some interesting apps. An app has been released for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab that promotes the 2012 London Olympics. Apple will need to get some ideas running if the iPad is going to contend with this. Or have we spoken too soon as the iPhone will be getting new Flash compatibility via Skyfire app. Impressive moves from both parties.


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Samsung Continuum leaks and with the latest images are some pretty impressive features. The upcoming Android handset, dubbed the Samsung Continuum, has be leaked ahead of its November 8th unveiling and shows it with dual AMOLED displays. November 8th is important for another phone as on this day the US public will be able to pre-order one of HP and Palm's new Palm Pre 2 handsets ahead of its November 11th release date. Doesn't give shoppers much time to get their hands on one.

Gran Turismo 5 will soon be hitting the UK stores, well we strongly think so since the game has gone to print in preparation of its yet unnamed release date. In other gaming news, have you bought Fable III, the fantasy RPG that reached the top of the UK game charts in its first weekend? Well if you have you might be experiencing some bugs that are ruining all your fun. If so, then you'll be happy to know that Lionhead Studios has set up a problem forum online, where they intend to fix the issues.

Xbox Kinect launches this week in the US and its not a long wait till it arrives in the UK, but is there anything else Microsoft can tell us about it that will surprise us? The answer is yes. The Xbox Kinect uses less than 10% of the Xbox 360's processor, which means this is going to be one machine that will be able to put the peddle to the metal with ease. If you think that's cool then you might like to know that Orange has entered the UK Mi-Fi market against Three Mobile and Vodafone with the Novatel 3352 Mi-Fi device. Watch this space!