News@8pm: Galaxy Tab lands and CoD: Black Ops trailer

Plus: PlayStation Phone pics and iPhone alarm bugs

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Welcome to your nightly round-up of the day's news and goings on courtesy of

Samsung Galaxy Tab

, 7-inch competitor of the Apple iPad has launched across the


today at a

prices starting from just £99

. Elsewhere in Galaxy Tab land, T-Mobile has appeared to leak a

10.1-inch Samsung Tablet running Windows OS

. What a better time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab's launch than a day when Apple has come under fire. Looks like the clocks turning back has revealed an

alarm bug in the iPhones

, causing people to be late for work. Oops.


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The Facebook Phone is set to enter the realms of reality this week, at least that's what some expect from the Facebook mobile feature unveiling announced today. As if that's not enough, police detectives are now being given Facebook training to help in their investigations. This is Joe Bloggs, he has 256 friends, he likes robbing old ladies, it says so in his status, go and arrest him. Closing on Facebook's tail, however, is micro-blogging site Twitter which is reportedly on target to top 200 million users by the end of the year.

A new CoD: Black Ops trailer has been released today entitled 'Official Launch Trailer.' We don't know about you, but it's got us reaching for our plastic assault rifles in anticipation for its release next week. If you're also excited about getting a Nintendo Wii this Christmas, don't be. Rumours of a price cut in the Wii have been rebuked. Looks like we're all going to be paying Santa the normal price this year folks or opting for the Move or Kinect.

New PSP Phone pictures

have hit the net in another leak.

Sony's PlayStation Phone

has once again surfaced well ahead of schedule, this time with some new pics to show it off. If you think that's some stylish tech then you obviously haven't seen the world's

first solar powered wireless keyboard

unveiled by Logitech. This will really bring some sunshine into your digital life.