News@8pm: FIFA 12 demo release and iPad 2 sales

Plus: HTC Puccini leaks tablet and FIFA 13 Kinect support

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EA Sports has revealed via Twitter that it will officially unveil the release details for the FIFA 12 demo in Germany next week. This comes alongside other announcements from EA that FIFA 13 will land boasting support of Microsoft Kinect.

New figures show that the iPad is set to dominate the tablet market for the next decade and that Apple's share of the tablet market will drop by less than 20 per cent up to the year 2020. In other Apple news, the iMac range is rumored to be getting a new 'budget' addition to its ranks, aimed at those in education.

HP has reacted to anger from early adopters only weeks after the launch of its TouchPad tablet. The move comes after HP shaved $100 off the price of the tablet in the US over the weekend. In other news, official pictures of the HTC Puccini have been leaked after PocketNow snagged a string of official screengrabs, showing Android Honeycomb in action, as well as a promo shot of the device.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 has also made an appearance at a blogging conference in the US sporting all the trimmings of its larger sibling the newly updated and released Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which, according to T3's latest reader poll, is better than the Apple iPad 2.