News@8pm: FIFA 11, HTC Desire and Apple iPhone 4

Plus: HTC Wildfire and Pansonic's 152-inch 3D TV

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Gaming is top news provider today with a whole host of action coming from the console wielding community. In terms of portable gaming, Sony has grabbed today's headline claiming that the PSPgo was just an experiment. A possible hint to the PSP-4000 and its rumoured sliding front-screen, we hope so. Elsewhere in the land of Mario and COD and information has started to flow about FIFA 11 and a possible create-a-chat option being amongst the new additions. Following on from yesterday's news of an X Factor music sim game and the second edition of the DJ Hero sim game has been announced, DJ Hero 2. To keep you up to date with this heavy flow of gaming news and rumours ahead of this month's E3 conference, we have produced an E3 2010: What to expect feature just for you. Don't you feel special now…

iPhone 4 around and making news once again today. Following the Monday night unveiling of the Apple iPhone 4 mobile network T-Mobile has announced that it will defiantly be stocking the fourth-gen apple when it is released on June 24th. Developers are just as excited about the new handset as many of Apple's loyal fans and have described the new iPhone 4 as the “Start of a new chapter.” There has been more news from WWDC 2010 asides from the iPhone 4 and more has come out today, Apple has announced the winners of iPhone and iPad app design awards. Almost forgot to add... iPhone 4: The T3 Verdict, done.

Home entertainment unveilings has been big business today. As well as Sony outing a new range of hi-fis, Panasonic has given its monstrous 152-inch 3D TV an autumn release date. At $500,000 though don't expect to see one down your local Currys. To ensure you get the best home tech for your needs we have been reviewing a whole bunch of tech today including the Acer Aspire 8942G laptop. If that wasn't enough we have reviewed Dell's new tablet-ish device the Dell Streak, take a look at what we think.

Mobile phones exist outside of Apple's vicelike grip, its true. HTC are making themselves out as top competition to the Cupertino company and with no less than three HTC news stories today, its no surprise. First off Vodafone has started taking pre-orders for the HTC Wildfire as well as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini. Next we have news that the news from yesterday on the HTC Evo setting new sales records was nothing more than a big fat lie/embellishment by network provider Sprint. Elsewhere on HTC and the news that a download can gift your HTC Desire 720p video capabilities, sort of. One more piece of mobile goodness for you and a review of the Sony Ericsson Viviaz Pro.

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