News@8pm: CoD: Black Ops priced at £7.99 and 3D phones

Plus: Gran Turismo 5 release date finally confirmed

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Call of Duty: Black Ops is nearing on the horizon, and HMV has kicked off the expected price war by offering the new CoD for the humble price of £7.99. No doubt we can expect a reaction from the supermarkets in the next few days. In a comment that will be sure to cause debate between Xbox and PS3 gamers, an Xbox exec claimed that Call of Duty: Black Ops is best on the Xbox 360. We'll all find out on Tuesday 9th November when the game officially launches.

The Facebook Mobile event revealed software updates for Facebook Android and iPhone apps, which included 'Single Sign-on', 'Location APIs' and the 'Deals Platform'. But there was no sign of a Facebook phone. Over in Japan, Sharp is set to launch its range of Galapagos 3D Android handsets.That's right, 3D phones. We'll keep you posted if there is any plans for the 3D smartphones to land on UK shores.


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Flash compatibility on the iPhone landed and swiftly disappeared after the Skyfire app appeared sold out on the App Store. To think we thought it was just a bottomless pit of iPhone apps. In better App Store-related news, The Times' Eureka science magazine is heading to the iPad, joining the T3 iPad app magazine edition has one of the few UK publications to get the Apple tablet treatment.

A Gran Turismo 5 UK release date has finally been announced. After a series of delays, Sony has now revealed that the racing sim will hit stores November 30th. Something else in the gaming world will be on the streets before that though as we are now just days away from Microsoft Kinect hitting UK stores. Major retailers are already getting ready for the launch of Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral, which launched in the US today. Check out our Xbox Kinect: Ultimate guide to find out all you need to know before it arrives on November 10th.