News@8pm: CoD: Black Ops glitches and Kinect launch

Plus: BlackBerry PlayBook priced and Galaxy Tab updates

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Microsoft Kinect release day is upon us and thousands of eager UK gamers braved the elements to attend the midnight openings of retailers across the country for the launch of the controller-free motion gaming peripheral. If you were not able to attend any such launch but are desperate to get your claws in to Microsoft's new gaming accessory why not enter T3's competition to win Kinect, and Xbox 360 and the Sonic Free Riders game. What have you got to lose?


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CoD: Black Ops release ups and downs have made the news today as the latest addition to the war time gaming franchise sees a mixed start to its life in the hands of avid gamers. Which developers Treyarch are reporting more than 1 million Black Ops gamers were competing online just hours after launch, numerous reports have suggested glitches and faults have affect the PC edition of the Call of Duty title. Well, you can't expect a perfect batting average.

Tablet launches loom ever closer as for the second day in a row key information has surfaced around RIM's upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Today's news saw the BB tablet priced as the RIM CEO declared the BlackBerry PlayBook will cost "under $500". Lovely. Joining the PlayBook in the headline was the Samsung Galaxy Tab sporting a 7-inch Super-AMOLED display in an exciting prelude to the next generation release.

Windows Phone 7 expected to take the world by storm when it launched last month. Whilst we at T3 are of the opinion that this is one great mobile operating system, consumers appear less convinced as reports suggest just 40,000 Windows Phone 7 handsets were sold at launch. This disappointing revelation is slightly bolstered by the news that the Slingbox Mobile app is now available on the Microsoft OS.