News@8pm: CoD: Black Ops for 99p and iPad 2 adverts

Plus: Android 2.3 landing Nov 11th and Move beats Kinect

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CoD: Black Ops launches this evening as the clocks tick past midnight. Ahead of launch, however, the retailers have thrown in their last ditch attempts to win the pricing wars with Blockbuster announcing it will be selling the game for just 99p. The much anticipated Black Ops launch is not without its issues though as two men in the US are reported to have robbed a game retailer at gun point for 100 copies of the title.


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Tablet computer updates are one of the industry's hot topics at the moment with both Apple and Samsung today making news with their top tablets. Whilst Harrods has revealed a £2,699 crystal-encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab, reports have emerged suggesting Apple has already recorded its video commercials for the iPad 2 in New York further hinting towards the expected January release.

Google's Mobile OS, Android, has been creating headlines today as whilst the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 finally has Android 2.2, éclair bestowed upon it, latest rumours and reports suggest that the next edition of Android could soon be with us as Android 2.3, Gingerbread, is pegged with a November 11th arrival. Busy week on the Google front.

Motion controlled gaming is set to receive its third big player later this week as Microsoft launches its Kinect gaming peripheral in the UK on Wednesday. Despite Microsoft Kinect selling out in the US following its stateside launch last week, you the T3 reader have declared that Sony's PlayStation Move is the best of the motion gaming bunch taking a smidge over 50 per cent of the three way reader poll beating Kinect and the Nintendo Wii. Further troubling Microsoft will be the news that MIT students have already hacked Kinect's camera system sparking security concerns.