News@8pm: BlackBerry Torch review and GT5 release

Plus: 3D Sharp phone and Wii 2 teased by Nintendo

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Following yesterday's launch of the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 slider phone, Vodafone has today announced it will stock the latest RIM handset. Whilst Vodafone waits to announce its prices for the Torch, RIM has stated that the 9800's UK prices will be decided solely by the networks offering the device. Just so you know exactly what we are on about with the Torch, we went along to its unveiling yesterday to bring you a hands-on with the upcoming BlackBerry.

PS3 announcements galore today as we get news from Sony that the upcoming release of the long awaited Gran Turismo 5 will be available as a special, and pricey, Signature Edition. This official word comes alongside continued rumours that the 160GB and 320GB 'classic white' PS3 consoles available in Japan will be Europe bound this coming October. A tasty potential there for the console market and one only trumped by official teases from Nintendo heads surrounding the potential left field moves for the release of a Nintendo Wii 2. All very exciting and surely more to come on both counts.

Mobile phone releases would be a dime a dozen if we were American, over here they are just 12 for 10 pence with two more added to the fray today. Whilst news of the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 landing on 12th August is interesting on its own, it is blown out of the water by Sharp's announcement of a guaranteed glasses-free 3D phone launching before 2010 is at its end. Step aside Nintendo 3DS, with have new 3D revolution in town.

Mobile apps rule the real estate of our portable devices and we have news of two exciting developments in the field today. First off, Adidas has announced the miCoach app, a personal trainer aimed at knocking Nike+ from its lofty pedestal. Secondly, the massively addictive puzzle game app that is Angry Birds has proved such a success that it is now flying over to consoles with the PS3, PSP and Nintendo DS all expected to host the title. For all the latest app reviews be sure to visit the T3 App Chart.