News@8pm: Blackberry Torch 9810 and PS4 release details

Plus: BlackBerry OS 7 lands and iPhone 5 release

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Research in Motion has finally unveiled its new Blackberry 7 OS. The new operating system will launch alongside two new Blackberry Bold handsets and three new Blackberry Torch handsets. One of the new Blackberry phones to tout OS 7 is the Torch 9810, which is unsurprisingly a follow on from the popular Torch 9800. It will sport a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with a 3.2 inch touch display, 5-megapixel camera and 720p HD Video recording capabilities, all in its minimalist 14.5mm form.

Today saw Sony out its S1 and S2 tablets yet again. The fourth and potentially last video teaser showed off some of the features of the new tablets, suggesting that both device will support HDMI-out, allowing them to be connected and stream video content to television sets. Despite being set for national release tomorrow, Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 was made available for purchase today in Tottenham Court Road's Curry's store.

In gaming news the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 consoles are reportedly set for a relese date as late as 2014 despite the Nintendo Wii U set to make its appearance next year. With current generation consoles in mind, new screenshots of PES 2012 were released today. The Konami produced footy alternative to FIFA may be closer than ever to its famous rival, showing off improved animations and a new feint system.

According to a report by the Guardian the iPhone 5 is being sent for mobile network testing. Due to security issues and Apple's desire to keep everything hush-hush, however, the phone will be delivered in a sealed box and securely wrapped in a dummy case to prevent images being leaked. The iPhone 5's official release date has been surrounded by much mystery and speculation, often from not so reliable sources, but today the iPhone 5's actual manufacturer was reported to be readying the device to begin shipping in September.