News@8pm: Bada and Symbian make a comeback

Plus: BlackBerry Orlando leaks, Sony slams Nintendo...

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Today kicked off with Nokia's Symbian platform, which will feature on the upcoming Nokia X7 smartphone, despite Nokia's recent deal with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7. The next droplet of tech news was from Samsung, as it broke that Samsung Bada 2.0 phones will ship in Q4 2011. They'll be packing NFC tech as standard.

Mobile news continued as the BlackBerry Orlando leaked online and the white LG Optimues 3D smartphone got confirmed by Phones 4U. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S II's UK release date has been set for May 1st.

The tablet world brought us word that HTC Flyer tablet pre-orders have begun, and that it's priced at £600. Bad tab news struck this afternoon as Apple confirmed iPad 2 issues when connecting with Verizon in the US. All that and a rather tasty car concept: how would you like a Mercedes A-class with dash-mounted tablet?


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Gaming News issued forth as Sony announced a PSP price slash in the UK, while simultaneously levelling some strong words at Nintendo and its 3DS handheld console.

Steve Jobs' official biography was confirmed today, with a release set for 2012. The Apple CEO's continued absence has drawn co-founder Steve Wozniak back into the spotlight – he's may step in to act as Jobs' replacement.

Adobe Photoshop is coming to the iPad in a big way, it was confirmed today, with three new apps landing soon. Lastly, it wouldn't be a day in the tech news without some word on Rovio's continued success – today the mobile app blockbuster Angry Birds became the PlayStation Network's most popular download ever.