News@8pm: Apple iPad 2 spotted and PSP Phone leaks

Plus: Call of Duty parody and FIFA 12 features detailed

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Following The Daily arrival yesterday one eagle-eyed journo has claimed to have spotted the iPad 2 in the wild at the iPad newspaper launch event. Sporting a front-facing camera and, well, that's about all said spy could tell us. Other Apple news today saw the big A announced from March 31st all publication application will have to offer in-app purchases of their paper counterparts.


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Sony's PSP Phone, newly dubbed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, has been leaking left right and centre and today was no change. Having leaked its in-store advertising booths, the first television advert for the long-awaited gaming-centric smartphone has also appeared with some Android adapting handiwork.

Call of Duty is a gaming franchise known for its meticulously anal details and inability to look at the lighter side of life. Today Epic Games looked to rectify that launching a CoD parody, Duty Calls to promote its upcoming Bulletstorm title. In other gaming news, EA has released details of upcoming FIFA 12 features set to hit the footballing franchise release this autumn.

Google Android Gingerbread is official but the big G has announced it is uncertain as to the operating systems smartphone use. One thing it is sure about, however, is the arrival of is new online market place which has gone live offering online access to the Android world of applications.