News@8pm: 64GB iPhone 4 leak video and 3DS UK release

Plus: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tease and Jobs illness

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Apple woes continue as the gorgeous gadget maker suffers a number of set backs. After a 64GB iPhone 4 prototype leaked yesterday the handset has now appeared in a full hands-on video. Elsewhere Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has spoken out on Steve Jobs' illness claiming "Apple will go on pretty well" without the talismanic turtleneck-wearing front man.


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Social network giants Twitter and Facebook have both made headlines today for movie-themed happenings. Whilst Facebook has begun offering Hollywood movie streaming rentals direct from an in-platform system, Twitter's most notable user of the moment, former Hollywood star Charlie Sheen has announced he is looking for a Twitter intern to handle all his social media happenings.

Big gaming news emerged this morning from the land of Nintendo as official UK launch details for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS were revealed with a bevy of free and exclusive content to be dished out to those gamers keen enough to queue up from midnight. Other gaming news today saw the startling revelation that playing war-based games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops can help former soldiers tackle post war trauma in real life.

Android iPad rivals have been making waves as of late with new devices making news today. Whilst the MSI Windpad has been shown off running Android Honeycomb, Samsung has teased the imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which, as the name suggests, will tout an 8.9-inch form factor. Having already unveiled the Galaxy Tab 10.1, why not take a look at our hands-on video with the larger Sammy Tab below.