News@8pm: 3DS UK price lands and iPad 2 video leaks

Plus: iPhone 5 details leak and MySpace all but over

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It has emerged that Steve Jobs has taken a small bite out of Apple's annual takings, recieving just $1 worth of annual salary. Don't let this measley figure fool you, oh no, Mr Job's owns an estimated $1.8bn in Apple's stocks, tasty. In other fruity tech related news, a supposedly leaked video showing a possible glimce of the new iPad 2 was spotted at CES in Las Vegas. The dummy model includes a froward and rear facing camera, aluminium rear casing and a more powerful bottom spoeaker so you can annoy everyone on the bus with your classic collection of the BeeGees, groovy.


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Bad news for Myspace as it has announced today that it is to axe nearly half of its workforce. The cuts will see 500 people face the chop. This is due to the ever increasing popularity of Facebook. Myspace has tried to rebrand itself recently, to what it calls "a social entertainment destination" let's hope, for the sake of the other 500 or so people working there, that it works. However, social networking gods, Facebook have been touted to release their first ever phone, named the INQ Cloud touch. The phone will be powered by Android and the homescreen will have multiple entry points to Facebook functions. Keep an eye out for the Facebook TV and laptop in the near future, it could happen...

This year's Mobile World Congress, taking place in February, is set to be when Nokia unveil their much anticipated N9. With a release date set for April 2011, the N8 follow-up looks like a MacBook Air shrunken in the washing machine. The phone will run on Nokia and Intel's MeeGoo platform and also boast a 12-megapixel camera and QWERTY keyboard, it's safe to say we're excited by this phone, providing it doesn't follow in the N8's slow moving footsteps. Apple still managed to get someattention today, despite dissapointed us yesterday with the new Verizon iPhone 4 lacking 4G. Latest on the iPhone rumour mill is new the Apple blower is set to add Wi-Fi sharing capabiltiy through the upcoming iOS 4.3 update. In other iPhone news, the iPhone 5 is expected to include solar power to keep it going, we'll see how that works over in cloudy Blighty

Sony's talked about follow up to the PSP, the PSP2 is set to launch on January 27th according to sources from gaming specialist MCV. The release of the PSP2 will be interesting to see, as it will now go up against the Nintendo 3DS, officialy set to launch in February in Japan with a global launch in March. As prices are still unknown for the PSP2, it's tense times to see how well they will both fare. The rival to the PSP2, the Nintendo 3DS came under the knife today, as one was stolen and dismantled in Taiwan. Pictures posted on the internet reaveal the inner self of the 3D gaming device. Finally, Nintendo has announced this afternoon the UK launch date and price for the 3DS, in case you were wondering it should be with us March 25th for around £230.