News@8pm: 3DS freebies and the £5 million iPad 2

Plus: Windows Phone 7 update and iPod classic not dead

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iPad 2 suffers at the hands of renowned gadget fiddler and king of kitsch, Stuart Hughes. The midas man has created a gold covered iPad 2 forgoing Apple's own design choices in favour of 24ct gold, dinosaur bone, 8.5ct diamond and Ammolite. The tricked out tablet now weighs more than four times its plainer sibling but I wouldn't worry too much as only two will be made with each costing £5 million so the chances are you won't have to suffer the strain of ever actually holding one. Samsung meanwhile have managed to slip out a tablet that is not only lighter and thinner than Stuart Hughes' creation but also the stock iPad 2 itself. No mean feat considering the praise that has been heaped on the iPad's diminutive physique. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 offers some pretty impressive specs and a nice design whilst sporting a Touchwiz-flavoured version of Android's tablet OS, Honeycomb. We're still waiting on details of when this will hit the UK but it sure looks like an interesting alternative to the iPad 2.


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Apple patents suggest that Cupertino may soon be treating the world to a 3G Macbook. The patent shows an adjustable wireless antenna residing in the top corner of the screen's bezel. Whilst the idea of a 3G Macbook is appealing, lets hope that Apple has learnt its lesson since iPhone 4 antenna-gate. It certainly looks safe enough tucked up there out of the way,but we'll have to wait and see when, or indeed if, this comes to fruition. Whilst we look towards the future of Apple, some concerned Apple fanboys are panicking about the potential loss of the iPod classic from Apple's line-up. One quick email later and Steve Jobs' replied reassuring us that Apple has no plans to kill off the iPod Classic. So now we can all sleep easy at night knowing that the grandfather of the iPod lineup will be available with its scroll wheel and mammoth storage for a while yet.

Retailers are treating the early-adopters of the Nintendo 3DS to a variety of goodies, and discounts. Those who will be attending the midnight launches can expect to receive anything from a Nintendo t-shirt, a free game, a free 3DS console or even a space blanket to keep you warm in the queue. Check out our Nintendo 3DS midnight launch rundown to find out where you should be shopping. For those of you keen to get your hands on a 3DS but worried that your fragile eyes won't be able to cope with such a full-frontal collision with the third dimension, do not fear. Nintendo announced today that all 3DS games will play in 2D, the move is said to open the device up to more users, some of whom "just can't see 3D". Presumably these people struggle eating their cereal in the morning. But seriously, with concerns of eye-strain rife amongst Doctors, it is good to hear that Nintendo are making the 3D feature optional.

Windows Phone 7 finally gets its long-awaited 'NoDo' update that brings with it the much sought after copy and paste functionality. Reminiscent of the painful affair of getting copy and paste onto the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 has taken 5 months to bring the basic feature which admittedly is nothing compared to Apple's 26 months. The copy and paste update also brought with it system-wide improvements including faster apps, and upgraded camera performance. One of the first Windows Phone 7 handsets to deliver copy and paste functionality out of the box will be HTC's upgrade to its flagship handset, the HD7. The new HTC HD7S has utilised the marketing ploy of adding an 'S' to a previous model to mask what is mostly an incremental upgrade. A new Super LCD is just about the only change to the hardware, so don't raise your hopes too high.