News@8pm: £100 iPad returns and Star Wars 3D

Plus: Facebook's 30 million UK users and Twitter app

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Tech giants battle it out for our top spot today as we get wind of Star Wars 3D and a chart-topping tussle between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Whilst the first Star Wars flick to get the 3D treatment will be the Phantom Menace with the Star Wars 3D release hitting US cinemas on February 10th, Gates and Zuckerberg have finished top of a list of history's most influential world changers beating the likes of Newton and Darwin in the process.


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New Facebook landmarks have been revealed as the social network and web leader announces that more than half the UK public are now signed up to Facebook with over 30 million UK residents joining the FB movement. Elsewhere on the social front and Twitter has implemented a number of key updates to its iPhone and iPad apps in an attempt to close the gap on rival Facebook.

After the iPad 2 launch earlier this week, a launch that saw Steve Jobs take to the stage to unveil the dual camera, dual-core processor touting slimmed-downed second-gen tablet, Apple has announced those who have purchased the original iPad within the past two weeks will receive £100 back to coincide with the lowered price ahead of iPad 2 launch on March 25th.

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