News@8: Xbox Kinect price cut and Android sales: 55m

Plus: Blackberry Torch sells only 150k and Chrome Web Store

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the day's news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Kinect price takes a tumble: Following Microsoft announcing the official UK release date some online retailers have brought down the price of the Xbox 360 Kinect; with offering it for a mere £115. This is superb news for all, but with the Kinect bound to go down in price after Christmas, will people wait? Unfortunately that's the least of Microsoft's worries after the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) declared that the PS3 produces 'sharper images' than the Xbox 360. This comes after what a keen (understatement) gamer noticed that footage used in a Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII advert, was in fact from a PS3. The ASA investigated and indeed found that a bit of cheating had gone on, to be honest we had trouble spotting the difference, but gamers be aware, the ASA has chosen its corner.

Google Chrome shows its hand: Considering how big online based games have become: Farmville, Battlefield Heroes to name but a few, it was a matter of time before a browser got on board. The Google Chrome Web Store will be the first, offering a large array of browser based games and applications including Lego Star Wars, Quake II and of course all the superb Google apps you get with having an account.

White Samsung Galaxy S (Apple take note): Whilst it hasn't appeared in this country yet, Samsung has released a White Samsung Galaxy S in its home country of South Korea. The company (which has been having no supply problems whatsoever) has been capitalising on quite possibly it's best received phone, and rightly so we say. On a more sombre note we have some mildly unsurprising news in the RIM corner: the Blackberry Torch sold 150,000 units in its first weekend. It appears that with Android and iOS being the flavour of the month, Blackberry's 'different' looking phone hasn't caught on, but all is not lost yet. Google has got some serious back-patting to do; their hugely popular operating system Android will break sales of 55 million by the end of the year. With both Samsung and Motorola throwing out tablets in the form of the Galaxy S Tablet and the Motorola 'Stingray' these figures will only increase.

iPod Touch sees competition from Archos: Android is quickly becoming the Swiss Army Knife of operating systems. Not only is it on smartphones and tablets but also on the upcoming Archos 28 Minidroid. A small touchscreen PMP this WiFi enabled media player will join forces with the Archos 32 and together, rule the universe. Or maybe just dent the sales of the iPod Touch.

England Rugby squad vs. T3: Earlier this week our very own Luke Johnson went and spent the day with the England Rugby team. Amongst showing them his rucking knowledge (or lack thereof) he got a chance to talk all things tech and find out the top gadgets used by the England Rugby team. Whilst there he also tested three smartphone camera's with their help, but not before showing London Irish's Delon Armitage how to 'bounce it off the bar'. Finally, just because we're nice, we have a fantastic competition in which you could win a signed England Rugby shirt and a Samsung Galaxy S just by answering one simple question.