News@8: Samsung Galaxy Tablet spotted and iMac Touch

Plus: iTV coming September and YouTube HTML 5

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Samsung Galaxy Tablet seen in wild: It seems Samsung has managed to keep their security about as tight as Apple's after a video was caught of a fully operational Samsung Galaxy Tablet in the wild. The video, taken in Australia, was of a poor Samsung worker who thought that the best place to get it out was in a crowded train. In other tech news a patent has been filed in America by Apple for a swivelling iMac Touch which will incorporate both OS X and iOS.

Apple iTV landing September? Now that the legal battle has died down it seems the focus now return to Apple's latest product in hand. Kevin Rose from Digg has said he expects a September launch for the Apple iTV. He also goes on to suggest the iPad could then be used as a remote, much in the same way that the iPod Touch/iPhone can be used with iTunes.

Modern Warfare 2 breaks UK record: The hugely popular but also controversial Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the best selling game of all-time in the UK. Overtaking Brain Training to become not only the fastest selling but now the best selling has been a hugely impressive feat considering the controversy that initially surrounded it. Moving to Microsoft now after their European VP has claimed that the Xbox 360 has five years more shelf life before they would need to consider moving on. Finally over to the PS3 after sales for the USB PS3 Jailbreak software has sold out. This is all the more surprising after it has become common knowledge that Sony will almost certainly dish out PSN bans to all those with the software installed.

YouTube loses its Flash fixation: In a strangely Apple-friendly decision, Google owned YouTube has ditched Flash for a more iPhone/iPad friendly HTML5 YouTube mobile site. The site will be a direct kick in the teeth for Adobe after Apple kicked up a storm by not allowing Flash content to be compatible on their mobile devices. Over to the office now where many of you will be interested to know that email faux pas are in fact the most common cause of work-based reprimands. In a survey carried out it was revealed that one in 20 have been reprimanded for sending an 'inappropriate' email.

LG GW910 is next Windows phone 7 handset: With Windows Phone 7 smartphones now becoming the talk of the town these weekly releases could become a regular occurrence, and today is no exception. The LG GW910 is the next smartphone to appear and with a QWERTY slider and 5-Megapixel camera it's shaping up to be a solid performer.

What's on the Editor's Desk: Another week and another winner, this Tuesday's lucky individual was David Fisk who has won himself a powertraveller motormonkey in-car charger. Of course you can join us in a weeks time for the next 'What's on the Editor's Desk' by simply following the clues we tweet then simply tweet back the answer beginning @T3dotcom. Simples.