News@8: PS Vita release date & Google Chromebook arrives

Plus: Apple TV rumoured to be in the pipeline

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Facebook has finally resolved its lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins in a £48million settlement. The deal which ends a long-running dispute over the friend-collecting site, will see the brothers receive what will predominantly be shares in Facebook. Samsung and Google are set to release their web-only Chromebook tomorrow. Available in two versions, those interested in buying one will also be able to choose from 3G and Wi-Fi models.

Apple is rumoured to be considering entering the world of TV-making with its first Apple branded TV. Tipped to be revealed in the Autumn, iTunes and Apple TV is expected to play a key role in its setup. iPhone 5 rumours continue to pour with the latest suggesting that the next gen Apple smartphone will include a dual-LED flash camera.

Nokia head of media relations has been discussing its future plans with T3 revealing why it chose Microsoft over Android. Staying with all things Nokia, we got our first glimpse at what we can expect from the Nokia Windows partnership as a Nokia Windows 7 phone was leaked as a Nokia CEO was caught sporting one of the handsets.

The PSP Vita UK release date has been leaked by Amazon with the online retailer listing the Sony handheld as arriving at the end of the year on 31st December which is likely to disappoint a few. Some good gaming news does come courtesy of EA Sports who have announced that a FIFA 12 UK launch date has been confirmed for September 27th.

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