News@8 - MacBook Air Unboxed HP Slate 500 official

Plus: YouTube app for Froyo and PlayStation Move hits 1m

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Gran Turismo 5 review
T3 readers got the opportunity to try out the long awaited Gran Turismo 5 in 3D at the T3 VIP night in Selfridges' London Oxford Street store; the first time consumers have had a free opportunity to sample the game in the UK. Of all the T3 readers in attendance, more than 40 took to the racing seat of the most anticipated title in gaming history, the much delayed GT5.

MacBook Air 2010 Unboxed

Unveiled at the company's “Back to the Mac” event, the new MacBook Air is said to be Apple's lightest and most portable notebook ever, owing much to the decision to scrap a hard drive for the same flash storage technology used for the iPad. Said to deliver an impressive battery life of up to seven hours, take a closer look at the Apple MacBook Air.

HP Slate 500 gets official

Finally the business-friendly iPad rival goes on sale. Cast your mind back to early January, and you might remember Steve Ballmer talking up a certain HP Slate as the future of Windows 7. Fast forward ten months and the HP Slate 500, as it's now known, has finally gone on sale in the US, but maybe not in quite the same way HP had intended.

YouTube app for Android 2.2 (FroYo)

Android 2.2 owners have been greeted with a nice little gift for the weekend with news that Google has released a standalone YouTube app for the FroYo OS.The new app includes a personalised YouTube homescreen, playback in portrait and landscape mode, rotate to full screen and the ability to write and read comments while watching videos.

BBC One HD incoming

The BBC has firmed up a November 3rd launch date for its impending BBC One HD channel. It will run alongside the already popular BBC HD, simulcasting shows from BBC One, a proportion of which will receive a High Definition gloss of paint.

Xbox Kinect ads revealed

Xbox Kinect, the controller-free motion gaming peripheral from Microsoft is nearing its UK launch on November 10th, six days after it hit a US market, making a splash with a number of adverts. With Microsoft announcing earlier in the week that it would be splashing out a whopping $500 million on Kinect marketing and the recently released Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, the video advertisements that see bright, smiley gamers enjoying the Kinect setup are presumably just the first in long line of Kinect ads to come.

PlayStation Move hits 1 million

PlayStation Move has already had a barnstorming week, with Sony Europe confirming that it had shifted an impressive 1.5 million of the glowing motion controllers in its first month on sale. And now Sony's American gaming arm, SCEA, has said it's done the business too, selling a million in the US and Latin America since its official release across the pond. It's not quite European levels of success, but it's not far off.