News@8: LG Optimus 2X priced and Kindle outselling paperback

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: Next Generation Portable to be 'affordable'

Apple's iPhone 5 along with the iPad 2 is to have NFC technology according to reports after Apple launch a recruitment drive for managers with experience in ICT in a bid to test drive the software before launch. Meanwhile, set for launch in the UK is the LG Optimus 2X which is due out on March 18th with little change given from £500.

Sony's NGP/PSP 2 is yet to be given a specific price but it will be affordable according to Shu Yoshida President of Sony Computer Entertainment Studios. One thing that we do know about the Next Generation Portable (NGP) is that not all models will come with 3G but will come with WiFi.

BlackBerry Messenger 6 is to have social gaming built in according to rumours which will allow smartphone users to engage in group chats and share pictures exclusively to other BlackBerry users. Could the Blackberry Curve Touch be one of the first phones to house such a facility with leaks ahead of MWC 2011 seen to suggest a launch is imminent.

Amazon Kindle: Despite the success of the e-reader with figures showing more people downloading e-books that buying the hardcopy, Amazon's share price has dropped 9%. Nokia are another company who have experienced woes in that department with smartphone shares dropping in the last quarter from 40 to 31 per cent.