News@8:HTC Vision spotted and Ping gets 1m users

Plus: T3 Readers poll results and new BBC iPlayer

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the day's news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

HTC's latest put through paces: The FCC has managed to spill the beans on what could be the HTC Vision/Vanguard, sporting a QWERTY slider and possibly a 1.2GHz processor. In other HTC news O2 has confirmed you can download the Android 2.2 FroYo update for the O2 locked HTC Desire. Finally, UK pricing for the BlackBerry Torch has been leaked, with handset pricing ranging from £49 to £399.

Ping makes positive start: It seems Apples own social networking feature has had a good start after 1m people have signed up to Ping in 48 hours, this figure is out of the 3 million that have installed the new iTunes 10. In other social news the BBC has decided to go social with it's new version of BBC iPlayer. By creating a login you can share and comment about shows with your friends through Twitter and Facebook.

3D not as important as internet on TV: According to last weeks T3 Reader Poll customers would rather have the internet on their next TV rather than 3D technology. With WiFi now on many units there's a possibility that customers feel safer going for a tried and tested tech, believing that 3D is still in its infancy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Vodafone: Vodafone has confirmed it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab, although only shown as 'coming soon' on its website rumour points to an October release. The next generation of Apple iPad's could have FaceTime after a debug screenshot was found showing the capability on a current iPad.