News@8: Amazon Kindle sales & Apple iPhone 5

Plus: Does the PlayStation 3 struggle with LA Noire?

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Amazon Kindle books have surpassed print sales on Amazon's website in both paperback and hardback editions. Recycling your tech is becoming big, and Amazon are the latest to get involved by offering Amazon vouchers in return for your unused or unwanted items.


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The tablet is continuing to grow with BlackBerry's PlayBook having reached 250,000 sales in its first month of trading. This may act as positive omen for Dell, whose Streak Pro 10-inch tablet is expected in June.

Nintendo responded to the outage of Wii 2 footage yesterday as the console rumours gathers pace ahead of its overdue release. PlayStation users may look to move away from Sony as fresh reports suggest the console is susceptible of over-heating, with L.A Noire developers Rockstar making the claims ahead of the games release on Friday.

Apple has reduced the orders for the iPhone 4, prompting the imminent arrival of the next iPhone, with many expecting it to be unveiled by Steve Jobs in the coming months. A new documentary suggests that brand loyalty breeds from a religion-like fervour, particularly toward Apple. Meanwhile, the HTC Sensation is now available to order from Vodafone in the UK.