New social network launches... for dead people

Exit stage left

A new social network has launched allowing you to create profile pages and share memories of dead loved ones

It's all about the social networks these days. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ and Twitter all jockey for our attention.

But how about a network for those no longer with us? And no, unfortunately that doesn't mean exchanging a few IMs with Kurt Cobain, Steve Jobs or Jesus.

A new site that claims to be the world's first social network for "departed souls" has launched, allowing you to create and view profile pages for dead folks. is currently in beta and requires a login through Facebook. Once registered, you can create rememberance pages and share videos and pictures so family, friends and the wider world can stop by and pay tribute.

You can, apparently, invite your mates in to have a chat about each dearly-departed individual and light a candle in their memory.

According to tech site The Register, Departedlife is the product of Planet E-Com Solutions, a Microsoft-certified web development company with offices both in India and here in the UK.

We're pretty social-savvy here at T3 Towers, but even we were a little taken aback with this one. We declined to sign up ourselves - but if you're interested then feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Via: The Register