Netflix wants to be the next HBO

That means it wants to own its own programming

Netflix has a lot of "original" programmes which debut on the service first, but that deal isn't always exclusive and that's something Netflix wants to change.

It's pretty common with TV networks of all ages and sizes to buy in their TV shows from other producers. In the US this is why FOX makes programmes for rivals like NBC. It's also why some of the shows on Netflix end up being released on Blu-ray, or even rival streaming services, after. See House of Cards, which you can pay to watch on Amazon now.

What Netflix would like to do from now on is to pay for shows in their entirety, so rather than splitting the cost of House of Cards with the production company, it would front the money itself, and deal with the extra risk associated with putting that much money into something that people might not watch.

In short, what Netflix is trying to be is HBO. And that could pay dividends in the long term. If Netflix produce the next Game of Thrones then it will be able to make loads of extra money selling that product on to broadcasters globally, as well as making money from DVD and Blu-ray sales, and other licensing deals .

Netflix is never boring these days. Because of the way streaming works it's really easy for the company to switch technologies. So adding 4K has been little or no problem, aside from the fact that there's not much material in the format yet. Coming this year is HDR, which will change things all over again, and make TVs even more bright, colourful and with tonnes more image detail.