Netflix finally gets updated on Virgin Media TiVo boxes

Revamped after more than a year, just in time for Christmas

Virgin Media customers will be happy to see the Netflix app on their TiVo boxes has finally been upgraded.

After more than a year since Virgin Media launched the Netflix app on its TiVo set-top-box, an update has finally rolled out to bring much needed improvements.

The new update brings many of the features offered by Netflix apps on smartphones and tablets as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

One of the main add-ons are user profiles, which can be created for individual members of the family.

Supporting up to five different people, the app remembers their preferences and saves TV shows/movies for watching later.

Social network functionality provides recommended content from Facebook friends, as well as adding the option to suggest content back.

Virgin Media users also have the ability to view previously-watched content from the beginning. It will be given as an option alongside resuming from where they last left off.

Episodes from TV shows are now displayed in a single list, rather than forcing you to skip the series one by one.

On top of that Virgin Media claims the new update makes the whole app run faster than before, with video starting faster and the menu running more smoothly.

The time it takes to jump between live television and the Netflix app has also been reduced.

Source: Virgin Media