Nest Black Friday deal: get the essential Nest Protect smoke alarm for £20 off!

Protect ya neck, and by neck we mean home: Nest Protect is just £89 in this Black Friday deal

Nest Protect Black Friday
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Google’s Black Friday deals have seen impressive discounts on smart home audio and home hubs, and there’s a great deal on the Nest Protect smoke alarm too. Google has chopped £20 off the usual price, bringing it down to just £89. 

Nest Protect isn’t like other sensors. If it detects something that shouldn’t be there it doesn’t just do a mindless beep: it alerts your phone and tells you what’s wrong. It’s also smart enough to know the difference between your burnt toast or steamy shower and a genuine problem: if it thinks you’re just getting a bit hot in your home it’ll talk to you to say "Hey, something's up" rather than shatter your eardrums immediately.

• Get Nest Protect for £89 at the Google Store UK

We’ve been fans of Nest Protect for a long time. In our Nest Protect review we praised its brilliant execution, its superb build quality and the app’s excellent user interface; our only niggle was the price, so £20 off makes it even more attractive.

The Nest Protect is packed with technology. There’s a photoelectric smoke sensor, a carbon monoxide sensor, a heat sensor, three activity sensors, an ambient light sensor and humidity sensors. It even doubles as a nightlight: if you walk underneath it at night, it’ll light up to help you find your way to the fridge. 

You don’t need to test it, either. Nest Protect does that for you, 400 times a day. You never need to worry about whether it’s working – and when it’s time to change the batteries it’ll alert your phone rather than wake you up in the middle of the night.

Although this is a Google product it’s not limited to Android users: Nest Protect also works with iPhones and iPads as well as the wider Google ecosystem. 


Google Nest Protect | Was £109 | Now £89 | Save £20 at the Google Store 

The Nest Protect is a superb smart home sensor that tells you when and where it detects a problem. It sends alerts to your phone and there’s no need to grab a tea towel if the alarm goes off: you can silence it right from your smartphone. Its CO sensor lasts for a decade. 

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