NEOGEO X is 'not dead' confirms Tommo Inc

NEOGEO X-makers dispel rumours that production has been halted

Tommo Inc announces that it is still supporting the NEOGEO X with more units set to be available with additional games, accessories and add-ons to follow

Rumours earlier today that production of the NEOGEO X had been discontinued were well wide of the mark asTommo Inc made an official statement denying that it had canned production of the handheld console.

We contacted Blaze Europe who helped distribute the NEOGEO X and they provided us with the following statement from Team Neo Geo X to clarify the situation:

“There has been a recent rumour about the end of the production of the NEOGEO X System. This rumor is incorrect. Tommo will be continuing to support theNEOGEO X formatgoing forward with more games, peripherals and software updates, as well as more units of the console hardware. The NEOGEO X Gold System Limited Edition Collection Series that includes Ninja Masters, was always planned to be a limited edition product. We are currently manufacturing our final run of this Limited Edition Collection Series and our distributors worldwide expect to have the final stock in April.Given the popularity of the NEOGEO X format,we don't expect this stock to last long.

We are absolutely delighted with how the NEOGEO X has performed so far, and are incredibly grateful for the support of gamers and we are looking forward to continuing the development of this game platform."

The handheld console which only recently went on sale revived the pricey 90s games console that was a commercial flop more than twenty years ago but achieved cult status for being one of the first consoles to bring true arcade gaming to the home.

Along with the standalone portable, TommoInc with the support of original NEOGEO developers SNK also announced a Gold Limited Edition as mentioned in the above statement (and is still available here) which included a working Neo Geo arcade controller and docking station modelled on the original home console.

So, if you were still hoping to get your hands on the NEOGEO X, it looks like you still have some time. Meanwhile, you can check out our NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition hands-on to help you decide.