Microsoft trialing new service that streams Xbox games on PC

Apparently it streams games in-browser at 60fps

Microsoft apparently wants to make Xbox games playable on PC, amid news that a cloud-based service is well under way.

Tech blog Neowin has claimed that Microsoft is currently working on a service that allows Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to play in PC browsers.

In fact not only will the games be playable, but the Xbox dashboard will also be accessible via the cloud-based service.

Sources claim that the the experience runs comfortably at 60 fps and that Microsoft is seeing it as its next big project, rather than just some experimental tech.

Last month, Microsoft published a reporton a project named Outatime, which lets users play games over the firm's Azure cloud network.

According to the report, Microsoft has already successfully trialed the new system with two games: role-playing title Fable 3 and first-person shooter Doom 3.

Researchers were apparently impressed with the seamless gameplay, the lack of lag and the responsiveness of the service.

The service, which is reminiscent of Sony's PlayStation Now platform, is apparently not perfect just yet.

One main problem would be game licensing, so Microsoft will have to cut a deal with publishers who will likely fear the service could interfere with their PC game sales.

Another speed bump that Microsoft will have to consider is the implication of cutting out the console, particularly as the Xbox One is still trailing behind the Sony PS4.

That's all we know for now, but stay tuned as we'll update you when we hear more.