Meet the rucksack that opens in reverse to stop thieves robbing you blind

The RiutBag has no outer zips save the ones against your back

We've been there - all our valuables and most prized portable tech stashed away in our bag of choice, jostling around on our backs while some rotter slips their hand in while we commute to work or browse the shelves in a shop. For something we use everyday, rucksacks rarely feel 'safe' - enter the backwards-thinking RiutBag.

Created by British designer Sarah Gublin, the RiutBag (which raised over £60K on Kickstarter in November 2014) is all about keeping your posessions as safe as possible when you're on the move. Rather than having zips on the outside of the bag (facing away from you), the revolutionary carry case instead places them on the side concealed by your back.

Along with the original model, the bag now comes in two slimmer sizes - the RiutBag10 (retailing at £79) and the slighter deeper RiutBag15 (retailing at £89), with all three models offering an ergonomically-designed interior with compartments for a latop, cabling, water bottles, folders, pens and more. Ideal for students or anyone else with a taste for fancy rucksacks.

Via: RiutBag

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