Man builds an iPhone suit of armour to smuggle 94 smartphones

At least it's better than sticking them you know where...

How do you go about smuggling 94 smartphones? One enterprising would-be smuggler attempted to get through customs by creating a suit of armour out of the contraband smartphones and attaching them to his body with several rolls of cling film.

Due to the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (which the suit primarily consisted of) not being terribly resistant to medieval weapons (or weapons of any kind), knights of yore would likely scoff at such a suit of armour. An iPhone 6 wouldn't be much cop against a broadsword or mace and the suit wasn't much good at smuggling either.

Border police were pretty quick to catch the smuggler due to his “weird walking posture, joint stiffness and muscle tension”. If he'd just stuck to taping iPhone 6s to himself, he might have had a bit more flexibility.

The unlucky smuggler was attempting to bring 94 iPhones from Hong Kong into China. Although all iPhones are made in China, sales of the handset are heavily restricted. He now faces up to seven years in prison and a £171,000 fine.

Creative smuggling attempts gone wrong

Building a suit of armour out of iPhones was a creative, but ultimately futile attempt to smuggle something across the border, but there have been other equally weird, and doomed, smuggling attempts.

Expensive croissants

In 2012 a criminal gang was caught in an anti-money laundering sting in Germany. They had attempted to smuggle money past customs by rolling up money inside pastries.

Stick it on a cat

Relying on finicky felines to do your bidding is always risky, but that's what prisoners in Brazil resorted to in 2013. Taping drills, small saws and phones to the cat, the prisoners and their contacts on the outside hoped to smuggle contraband items into the prison without anyone noticing.

Although the cat was caught in the act, the prisoners and their accomplices were not caught, as according to a prison spokesman “it will be hard to discover who is responsible since the cat does not speak."

Man in a seat

A man tried to get smuggled into a country by disguising himself as a chair. Unfortunately eagle-eyed border police were able to see through this pretty convincing ruse.