LG to make the tech for Mercedes-Benz’ self-driving cars

LG has announced it will develop the camera system for the semi-autonomous vehicles

LG has announced it is teaming up with Mercedes-Benz to develop the technology for its forthcoming fleet of self-driving cars.

The German automaker will utilize LG's Advanced Driving Assistance System technology in its next-generation of self-driving vehicles which are currently in the works.

The ADAS tech is basically a stereo camera system which works like the human eye to detect objects on the road ahead and spot potential dangers like pedestrians and cyclists. If any hazards are detected in front of the car that the driver hasn't picked up, then the vehicle will brake autonomously.

The system also ensures the car stays within the correct lane and dims the headlights in the face of oncoming traffic. Rather than being completely independent like Google's upcoming self-driving car, Mercedes-Benz' car will be semi-autonomous so the driver will be able to transfer only some of the controls to the vehicle.

LG's biometric systems will even monitor eye movement and alertness, in order to protect against drivers falling asleep at the wheel. On top of the self-driving tech, LG will also provide the home entertainment and mobile technology systems.

In return, Mercedes will license part of its 6D Vision technology back to LG to use with other automakers.

The Mercedes-Benz and LG prototype is set to be revealed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show which kicks off January 6 in Las Vegas.