Sky TV and cheap OLED Black Friday deal: get Sky FREE for 18 months when you buy an LG 4K TV

Get 18 months of Sky Entertainment with a hefty discount and savings of up to £2,700 overall!

LG OLED TV free Sky TV deal
(Image credit: LG/Sky)

While 2019 OLED TVs are certain to be among the best Black Friday deals, are you sure you want to wait that long? Cos you can snap up some cheap LG OLED TV deals and get Sky free for 1 months, right now. Or you can get Sky with a discount of up to 50 per cent; it depends which LG OLED TV model you opt for.

The deal may seem a little complicated as it involves buying a TV online or in store, and then logging the serial number with LG, but if you've been meaning to upgrade your TV viewing, it's well worth your time. LG makes some of the best TVs you can buy – in fact, arguably the best, given their blend of stunning picture quality, easy-to-use smart TV platform and relatively affordable cost. Sky, of course, is the TV provider of the gods thanks to its award-winning Sky Q set-top box and huge wealth of content, including numerous big movie and TV exclusives.

With this deal and the fact that many of the 2019 LG OLEDs are also on sale right now, you can easily save well over £1,000 all in. 

Here are the basics.

• Buy a qualifying 2019 LG OLED TV from the B9, C9, E9 or ultra-spendy W9 ranges. They come in sizes from 55 inches and up, and you really start to see the benefit of 4K OLED from 65 inches. Install and register your new purchase and you can get the following discounts on an 18-month Sky TV entertainment/HD/QMS package.

• Buy an E9 or W9 OLED TV and get FREE Sky TV (RRP £40 p/m – a saving of £720) 

• Buy a C9 OLED TV and get 50% off Sky TV (RRP £40 p/m – a saving of £360) 

• Buy a B9 OLED TV and get 33% off Sky TV (RRP £40 p/m – a saving of £236.70)

The Sky Entertainment bundle comes with a Sky Q box and boasts access to 300 live channels, including Sky Atlantic – home of Big Little Lies, Game Of Thrones, Veep, Brassic, WestWorld, and more – as well as the premo likes of Sky One, MTV, SyFy, Fox, National Geographic, Discovery, Comedy Central, Sony, and, for the dissolute millennials in your household, VICE TV.

Of course there's also Sky Cinema, which boasts a rotating buffet of live channels and 1,000 films on-demand, as well as access to the Sky Cinema app, where you can watch movies directly on your mobile device, at no extra cost. Sky Sports doesn't come with this deal, so you'll have to pay to get Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports F1, and more.

If you're keen to upgrade your set-top box to the flagship Sky Q, dreaming of getting your hands on dozens of catch-up services built into the box – as well as Netflix, all the latest action on Sky Sports and original and Hollywood blockbusters on Sky Cinema – AND you want a fantastic 2019 OLED TV, there's not really anything to touch this deal right now or for the foreseeable future.

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Get Sky free, half price or 33% off with purchase of LG OLED TV (opens in new tab)

Purchase a qualifying 2019 LG OLED TV – that's any of the W9, E9, C9 and B9 ranges before January 23 2020 and redeem the offer at (opens in new tab) or in-store (only where purchased in-store). You'll need the model and serial number from the back of your swanky new OLED TV. These are today's best prices on all the qualifying models; there's more in-depth pricing further down.

More of the best prices on LG OLED TVs

LG OLED TV free Sky TV deal

(Image credit: LG/Sky)

You get a third of the price of an 18-month Sky Entertainment package with an LG OLED B series TV.  Saving, not including any discount on the TV itself: £236.70. 

This is probably the best value to be had here. The C9 series is a big step up in terms of visuals from the B9, which uses last year's image processor, and you can get as much as £800 off the original RRP of the 65-incher. You then get an 18-month Sky Entertainment package for half-price. Saving, not including any discount on the TV itself: £360.

This is a great deal if you don't mind spending a bit more on the TV, in order to get an even bigger discount on your Sky package. In fact, if you buy an E series OLED, you get Sky for free, saving £720, not including any discount on the TV itself.

It's probably worth noting, however, that the E series is the same as the C series in most ways; it just has nicer styling and a better sound system.

You also get Sky free for 18 months if you go for an ultra-slimline W series 'wallpaper' TV, saving £720 on top of any price cuts there may be on the television itself. The 77-inch version of this is now £2,000 less than at launch, so that's a pretty damn substantial overall saving.

Again, the panel and image processing are no different to the C series, but you get much better sound, and space-age bachelor pad styling.

Black Friday deals at

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