LG G7 with OLED due January and dual-screen V30 in August

LG to unleash G7 and V30 packing some display punch

LG is set to launch a new V30 smartphone soon with its flagship LG G7 to follow at the start of next year.

According to The Investor we can expect LG to launch its new V30 smartphone this August with the LG G7 to follow in January 2018. 

While the LG G7 arrival is exciting this report suggests it’s the V30 we should be getting really riled up about. Both handsets are set to feature OLED displays but the V30 could also have a dual screen.

The LG V30 will apparently feature a second screen that slides out from beneath the main display. This could be used for supplementary functions like as a second keyboard, for contextual buttons, to display search results and more.

The LG G7 should arrive in January making it earlier than the G6 which landed in March. This could arrive potentially sporting the first example of the Snapdragon 845 CPU in a smartphone. What else it will offer to set it apart from the competition is unclear. If it does arrive on that timeline expect to hear more from the CES 2018 event in early January. With the LG V30 due in August expect to hear plenty more there too as leaks get up to speed ahead of release.

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