Not skilled enough to build a real Caterham Seven? Build a Lego version instead!

A kit car of a kit car - Caterham-ception

I've always wanted to build my own Caterham, but thanks to lack of time, money, and space, have never got around to it (yet). But now I may just be able to thanks to LEGO.

The new set will be launched later this year, and the design is yet to be finalised.

The sports car kit was submitted to the LEGO Ideas system and received10,000 votes to be made.

“The LEGO Company is one of the most iconic toy brands in the world so to have our car recreated in the legendary bricks is an enormous honour," said Caterham Chief Commercial Officer, David Ridley.

“The great thing about LEGO toys is that they are timeless – it certainly isn't just children who love it; we have a few of our team members who are avid fans despite being well into their 40s. If you know someone who has always wanted a Caterham Seven, you can now tell them you're getting them one.”

You can watch the Caterham Seven, and other entries, announced in the video below: