Join T3’s Boost Our Bandwidth campaign

Get involved in T3’s BOB campaign for better quality broadband – we want to hear your stories

Get involved in T3's BOB campaign for better broadband, and make your voice heard on the quality of the UK's internet services.

This month, T3 launched Boost our Bandwidth – a campaign to find out if our readers are satisfied with the internet speeds they're shelling out for.

While ISPs like BT, Virgin and Sky are offering increasingly impressive sounding internet packages, our recent survey showed a staggering 78% of T3 readers weren't satisfied with their broadband.

As more and more internet based services like Netflix and Spotify clamour for your cash, a decent web connection is more important than ever.

It's also a regional issue, with some areas of the country struggling to get anything near those city dwellers enjoy.

We want to find out the real state of the UK's internet – and if you're not happy we want to make your voice heard.

Join our Facebook page here, and tell us your experiences. Are you getting the speeds you paid for? What is the service like in your area? Do you suspect your connection is being throttled?

Get in touch and let us know.