John Carmack slates Kinect

Doom and Quake creator says Kinect is 'fundamentally poor"

Doom and Quake creator John Carmack has criticised the new Kinect module for Xbox One saying it's still "fundamentally poor"

id Software founder John Carmack has cast the future of the Xbox One's new Kinect module into doubt by saying it's still "fundamentally poor".

The Doom and Quake creator made his remarks at the opening keynote of Quakecon 2013 in Dallas, Texas, saying the new Kinect had limitations "with the latency and frame rate on it".

"Interacting with it is still ... when you interact with Kinect, some of the standard interactions - position and hold, waiting for different things - it's fundamentally a poor interaction," gaming website Polygon reported Carmack as saying.

"One way that I look at it is - I used to give Apple a lot of grief about the one button mouse," said Carmack. "Anybody working with a mouse really wants more buttons - [they're] helpful there. Kinect is sort of like a zero button mouse with a lot of latency on it."

Carmack's comments don't bode well for Kinect's relevancy in games development for the Xbox One. Traditionally, Carmack isn't shy about embracing new technology and recently championed the Oculus Rift immersive 3D gaming headset.

However, while Carmack said he wasn't "sold on" Kinect's latency, he was less criical of the idea of having the module always switched on and possibly monitoring the media consumption of Xbox One owners.

He said the furore surrounding this issue could be compared to the very short-lived controversy over GPS locators becoming industry standard in smartphones.

T3 had a hands-on with the Xbox One and Kinect at the E3 video games expo in Los Angeles.