I've just bought Smarty's £15 unlimited data SIM only deal for Black Friday

These are the reasons why Smarty's Black Friday SIM only deal appeals to me

Smarty SIM only deals Black Friday
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The Black Friday deals bonanza is now well and truly here, and that has led to some truly special SIM only deals being dropped.

I've been following SIM only deals since the Black Friday sales kicked off and, let me tell you, the absolute top offer I've seen has been Smarty's unlimited everything deal.

Why am I so impressed with Smarty's offer? Only that it, one, delivers unlimited data, texts and calls for just £15 per month and, two, it does so contract free.

That means this Smarty plan delivers 100 per cent allowance anxiety free usage, with you never having to worry about going over your monthly limit and being charged a fortune, and also complete freedom to move on to another plan whenever you want.

I'm super impressed with it and have already snapped up this deal myself to use on one of my handsets. As such, I find it very easy to recommend. Here are the details again in full.

The only caveat I would highlight with this Smarty Black Friday SIM only deal is that it comes with 4G data only and not 5G data. As such, if you have a 5G phone, live in an area with 5G connectivity, and feel you need 5G speeds then this deal isn't a good fit.

If you don't have a 5G phone, don't live in an are with 5G connectivity (like me!) or don't need 5G speeds then this is, simply put, the best unlimited data deal on the market today.

If 5G is important to you then be sure to scope out T3's authoritative SIMO deals comparison chart below, which pulls in all of the best plans available today. Remember that you can filter the chart by what is most important to you, with contract length, monthly price, data allowance, texts allowance, calls allowance, network, product name and more selectable.

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