iPhone XR revealed as easier to fix than Android in these two important ways

The iPhone XR tear-down results are in and it looks like the budget iPhone is a repair winner

iPhone XR teardown
(Image credit: iFixit)

The team over at iFixit have done it again and torn apart the latest iPhone XR to see just what Apple has put inside and, most importantly, how easy all that is to fix.

The good news for iPhone XR owners is that this is a relatively easy iPhone to fix in some crucial ways. Admittedly it still only got a 6 out of 10 score, but that's not all bad. As the results show this is easier to fix that many Android phones for the two most common issues. 

The screen and the battery are the most common problems to fix, says the report. Thankfully Apple has made sure that the iPhone XR can have the screen removed easily and that also allows for easy access to the battery. 

It makes sense when you think Apple carries out most of the repairs itself. Also a screen replacement or two is included as part of the AppleCare Plus package, so making that easy is a self serving system for Apple.

Another interesting reveal was about the battery which comes in at 11.16Wh which isn't much less than the giant iPhone XS Max battery at 12.08Wh. When you consider the iPhone XR uses and LCD screen with fewer pixels that should mean a very respectable battery life. And when that's dead a quick replace job should be easy enough.