iPhone App News: GroupShot face-swapping app launches

Replace those blinks with perfect smiles and create the perfect group photo

GroupShot for iPhone allows you to create the perfect photo by switching out the faces of those blinking family members with perfect smiles

You know the drill, trying to get everyone looking the right way with their best smile for a group photo is a logistical nightmare, but a new app for iPhone could have everyone looking pristine with a little post-production magic.

GroupShot for iPhone allows you to swap out the faces of those with their eyes closed if you have another frame of the same shot, where they look slightly less gormless.

It works by allowing you to select two or more photos from your Camera Roll or PhotoStream in iCloud. You then rub your finger over the person's face that you wish to change and then switch it out with a similar part of another photo.

The app works through complex algorithms which take into account the alignments of the photos, background, hair, where the faces actually are and which is that best photo to base the compilation on.

Best of all, it's just 69p from the App Store.

Link: TechCrunch