iPhone 8 3D face scanning to work faster than you blink

Goodbye fingerprint reader, hello lightning fast facial recognition

Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone 8 that it will launch with a new 3D facial recognition system that works better than fingerprint recognition.

According to a report by The Korea Herald we can expect the iPhone 8 not to feature a fingerprint reader under the OLED screen. This was allegedly Apple’s plan but the tech didn’t work out in time so it has opted for facial recognition. But it sounds like that isn’t a sacrifice as it should work really well.

Using its new depth sensing cameras the iPhone 8 should be able to recognise a user’s face in a “millionth of a second” in order to unlock the phone. When you consider a blink takes 0.1 seconds at its fastest, that’s really rapid recognition.

That should mean your next iPhone is unlocked as soon as you lift it. Of course having to lift it to your face every time could be a hassle sometimes so we suspect the usual pin and password options will be available too.

The same report also suggests that despite opting for an OLED screen in the iPhone 8, Apple won’t offer a curved version. The screen should have a very minimal bezel though for a great looking screen to body ratio. On why Apple opted for OLED despite not going curved the report claims it offers a slimmer build. OLED also consumes very little power and delivers very clear colours.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 8 this September.

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