iPad breaks new record

Analysts say tablet now fastest adopted non-phone gadget ever

Apple's slate battering all comers as it sets new record.

The iPad has become the fastest adopted non-phone gadget ever, surpassing the old-school DVD player, as it looks set to make tablets the fourth largest consumer electronics category going.

That's according to Bernstein Research, which says that the iPad's current sales rate of around 4.5 million every quarter has put other gadgets in the shade. By comparison, the DVD player sold just 350,000 in its first year on the shelves. The disc spinner had previously been the fastest adopted new category product ever, other than mobile phones.

It all means the iPad, and tablets in general, will become the fourth largest gadget category, after TVs, smartphones and laptops. Bernstein points out that the iPad is now slapping down consoles and cameras as its popularity refuses to die.

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Via MacRumors