Amazon Prime Day deals: premium Ion Bluetooth turntable with built-in pre-amp £70 off

Plush looking, belt-drive record player with easy sound output to any Bluetooth speaker or headphones

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There's a vinyl renaissance going on, as you may have heard. Now, as we head towards the vinyl – sorry, final – countdown for Amazon Prime Day, there's a big price cut on this Bluetooth-enabled record player, which combines the best of old and new technologies. It's the Ion PRO500BT and it's £70 until 11 tonight.

One issue that newcomers to vinyl often run into pretty sharply is that their new-fangled Bluetooth speakers don't work with them, and they have to go and buy an amplifier, or at least a phono stage to amplify the output of the turntable to a usable level.

Here, those problems are overcome by a built-in pre-amp and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to any compatible speaker or headphones.

ION Audio PRO500BT record player | £279 was £349 | Save £70

Ion is better known for its budget turntables and DJ setups but this is its stab at a more high-end deck, and very nice it is too. The feature set is suitably modern, with a Bluetooth output as well as a pre-amped one (so you can plug straight into any speaker or amp without needing a phono stage). The styling, however, combines a classic natural walnut finish with brushed aluminium controls. The low-mass, straight aluminium tonearm and levelling bubble with adjustable feet mean setup is as easy as it gets on a turntable. Headphone lovers can connect either via Bluetooth or the built-in, 6.5mm headphone connecter.View Deal