Intel says the Basis Peak smartwatch will be out by 2015

A sneak peak of its rear was teased at the Intel Developer Forum

Intel has given us a sneak peak of the Basis Peak, a smartwatch with a rear that apparently looks better than the front of most wearables.

With a selling point like that, surely Intel can't go wrong.

Introducing the Basis Peak, Intel's first joint-foray with Basis into the world of smartwatches.

The teaser photo was shared by Intel at the company's 2014 developer's forum on Tuesday, although apart from that details were rather scarce.

Thankfully for us, Pocketlint managed to catch up with Intel's corporate vice president and general manager of the new devices group, Mike Bell, to find out some more about the shiny device.

"I like joking that the back of ours looks better than the front of a lot of others. It's kind of cool and I will say it's called The Peak.

"The cool thing is that Basis has been working on it [The Peak] for years and we already know what works and what doesn't work - and the new product is much better than what is already shipping. It's great that so many [competitors] have come to the party with optical heart rate, but we're already on the second generation when some others are just dabbling in it.

"Something that gives you a [heart rate] snapshot every once in a while is kind of fun to play with but - and I heard something about the Apple Watch - that's not the same as something that can help you figure out how to change your lifestyle; to help people perform better or feel better."

Intel later confirmed the Basis Peak should be released in time for Christmas.

The chip-maker acquired wearable-maker Basis back in March in a deal worth around £89.75m.

The Basis Peak may be its first smartwatch but not wearable, with Intel revealing its $1000 MICA smart bracelet last week – a collaboration with jewellery maker Opening Ceremony.

Intel has also announced that it's joining forces with designer brand Fossil on a line of fashionable wearable tech.

The upcoming wearables will likely be powered by the Intel Edison, the firm's recently-launched all-in-one development board chip.