I own the Amazon Echo Auto and think this £29.99 Black Friday deal on it is ace

Amazon's Echo Auto is a great product in my opinion, having used it now for over a year in my own car

Amazon Echo Auto Black Friday deal
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I actually own the Amazon Echo Auto, spending my own money on it and fitting it into my Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 with my own hands. So believe me when I tell you that, one, it is a great product and, two, this is a great Black Friday deal on it.

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I've used the Amazon Echo Auto over the past year basically on a daily basis. When I get into my car it automatically connects with my phone via Bluetooth, and then I use it to play music through the car's audio system, set navigation routes to destinations, and even compose and send text messages to my partner and family while driving with my voice.

In fact, despite the CLS 500 coming with its own navigation system built in, I tend to just use navigation through Echo Auto, as it is just so simple to use.

This simplicity is why I like the Echo Auto so much. For example, with it installed and connected to my phone, if I want to listen to the finest John Bon Jovi hits then I can just say, while driving, "Alexa, play Jon Bon Jovi", and then I can immediately enjoy classics like Shot Through The Heart. It's easier using Echo Auto than actually putting in my best of Bon Jovi CD into the car's CD player.

That's why it's so easy to recommend this Black Friday deal on the Echo Auto, as it delivers that top product but with a 40% price cut applied.

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Amazon Echo Auto: was £49.99, now £29.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Amazon Echo Auto has never been cheaper than this price, making it a great deal in my opinion. I actually own and use the Echo Auto on a daily basis in my own car, and have been impressed with how it lets me play music from my phone, make calls, set navigation and ask Alexa questions, among other things. A top product, now at a great Black Friday price point.

In T3's Amazon Echo Auto review we said that it is "a simple way to bring the Alexa voice assistant to almost any vehicle" and that "excellent microphones mean Alexa hears you clearly and serves up music, podcasts, radio and driving directions with a simple command".

We also praised the Echo Auto's compact design, which let me tell you as an actual owner of the product, makes it really easy to stash away or fit in any vehicle. I definitely believe this is one of the best Black Friday deals you can buy in 2021.

A number of retailers have price matched Amazon's offer here on the Echo Auto, too, so if you would prefer to bag the device at a different retailer, then check out where you can in the pricing chart below.

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