Huge Emma mattress price drop: get 36% off EVERYTHING in store with T3's exclusive discount code

Save over a third on everything at Emma – this is the cheapest the award-winning mattress, bedding and accessories get

Emma mattress deal

Great news: we've joined forces with award-winning mattress maker Emma to give you a massive 36% off everything at Emma. That means you can get over a third off the superb Emma mattress (spoiler: it's the best mattress you can buy right now) – and all Emma sleep accessories and bedding too. It's the biggest Emma discount all year, even beating the price cuts available in Emma's current summer sale. But it ends 1st September, so you don't have long...

So how do you get it? It's easy: all you need to do is add T3's exclusive code: FUTURE36 at checkout.

With this Emma mattress discount code, you can buy a single size of the outstanding Emma mattress for just £274.56 (£429), a double for £415.36 (£649), king for £447.36 (£699) and super king for £511.36 (£799). It's never been cheaper. And that’s before you even look at the huge savings on the excellent Emma pillows, mattress protector and bedding. In fact, it's so good, this cheap mattress deal is even better than the offer we saw on Black Friday last year, where the price was cut by 30%.

If you need reminding, the Emma Original is a medium-firm mattress with three luxurious layers of foam. It's bouncy but buoyant, so you won’t sink into it – and you won't be disturbed by a restless partner either. It's extremely comfortable, supportive, and has been designed to suit all body shapes and sleeping styles. (If you haven't already guessed, we love it.)

Get 36% off everything at Emma with code: FUTURE36 
Emma has slashed 36% off the Emma Original mattress, its pillows, mattress protector and bedding. You can buy a single mattress for just £274.56 (£429), a double for £415.36 (£649), king for £447.36 (£699) and super king for £511.36 (£799). Deal ends: 4 Aug, 2019View Deal

Hit the deal above if you want to browse the Emma site and see what's on offer. Otherwise, here's a breakdown of what this 36 per cent discount looks like for each product...

Emma Original mattress: from £274.56 (was £429)
Save 36%
- The Emma Original is a superb memory foam mattress that’s been designed to suit all types of sleeper. It has a machine-washable cover and handles for rotating, plus they’re so confident you’ll love it, there’s a 100-day trial period. We think it’s the best mattress you can buy right now – and at these prices it’s a steal. View Deal

Emma pillows: £41.60 (was £65)
Save 36%
- Breathable, supportive and cosy, the Emma pillow regulates your temperature while distributing pressure optimally to ensure you’re comfortable and supported, no matter which position you’re sleeping in. With over a £20 discount, they’re a bargain. View Deal

Emma SmartSleeve mattress protector: from £89.60 (was £140)
Save 36%
- A mattress protector is the best way to extend the life of your mattress, keeping it fresh and in great condition. The Emma SmartSleeve is waterproof, breathable and 100% probiotic, helping you fight against allergies. You get a 100 night trial with this as well, with a 100% refund guaranteed if you don’t like it. View Deal

Emma bedding: from £15.36 (was £24)
Save 36%
- You can choose from Emma’s duvet cover and pillow case set, fitted sheets, or individual pillowcases: mix and match, depending on what you need. It’s all soft and comfortable, and with 36% off it’s a great time to stock up. View Deal

Emma Original mattress: from £300.30 (was £429) at Amazon
Save 30% - Prefer to buy from Amazon? This deal isn't quite as good as the summer sale over at Emma, but it's still excellent value, giving you the extremely comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress (which has hundreds of rave user reviews) for 30% cheaper than usual. View Deal