Huawei P30 Pro Black Friday phone deal bags you FREE Nintendo Switch or Toshiba 4K HDR TV gift

Black Friday just got smoked! Pick up a Huawei P30 Pro right now and you get a free Nintendo Switch or 4K, HDR TV

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Huawei P30 Pro phone Toshiba 4K TV
(Image credit: Huawei / Nintendo / Toshiba)

As early Black Friday deals go this Christmas cracker from EE is well worth a look. That's because if you pick up the 2019 flagship Huawei P30 Pro phone with SIM plan at UK mobile network EE right now, then you get to choose either a Nintendo Switch or Toshiba 4K, HDR TV as a totally free gift.

So, that's the 5-star bagging, state-of-the-art periscope camera-toting, Huawei P30 Pro, along with either the fastest-selling console of all time or a large 4K, HDR TV for absolutely nothing.

Up front cost is a low £50, and while the monthly cost isn't the cheapest at £59, you do get unlimited minutes and texts, as well a fat 10GB of data to burn each month, quelling data anxiety.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Huawei P30 Pro + Nintendo Switch or Toshiba 4K HDR TV | Up-front cost: £50 | Monthly cost: £59.00 | EE
If you like the idea of bagging a free Nintendo Switch or Toshiba 4K HDR TV but prefer Huawei phones to Samsung devices, then this rival deal is definitely worth a look. You get the powerhouse Huawei P30 Pro along with a data-stuffed plan (10GB data allowance; unlimited minutes and texts), as well as your choice of free gift, for £50 up front and then £59 per month. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

In our Huawei P30 Pro review we said it is "an impressive piece of kit", singling out particular praise for its "never-before-seen lossless zoom feature", "gorgeous 6.47-inch display", "rapid Kirin 980 processor", and "long-lasting and quick-charging battery". We then proceeded a maximum 5-star score on the phone, inducted it into our best phones guide, and concluded that it is "guaranteed to absolutely blow you away".

Meanwhile, in our Nintendo Switch review, T3 stated that the "Nintendo Switch delivers a truly unique gaming experience, both in terms of its play at home and on the go hardware, and in terms of its exclusive, top-tier games." Specific praise was saved for the system's "innovative design", "premium look and feel" and "superb first party titles". Another 5-star maximum score was awarded.

Toshiba, meanwhile is a frequent resident of T3's authoritative best TV, best TV under £1000 and best TV under £500 buying guides, with the Toshiba 43U2963DB delivering a large 43-inch LED screen with 4K resolution and built-in HDR, which is perfect for watching movies or playing games.

Quality technology like this, and across the board, too, makes this deal easy to recommend.