HP Spectre Ultrabook launched

Ultra-thin laptop spotted in the wild in Las Vegas

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Just days after getting a particularly flashy unveil via the leaked trailer below it would appear as though the Spectre can remain silent no longer

CES 2012 has seen the launch of the HP Spectre, HP's 'Premium Ultrabook' which features a glass design and some neat tech under the hood in an effort to compete with the likes of the Asus Zenbook.

While the first thoughts are that surely glass is a bit risky for a portable laptop, HP insists that actually it makes the Spectre's body more durable.

HP Spectre features

Under the hood you'll find Beats Audio Technology, a 256GB Solid State Drive which means you'll also have super-fast boot-up times and wake up response times.

The lid is coated in scratch-resistant glass while on the other side is HP's Radiance Display which offers a HD display with quicker response times and fuller colours.

One of the neater features of the HP Spectre is that it contains Near Field Communications tech in the palm-rest which means that any NFC-enabled device will be able to communicate with the Spectre.

Finally you get a USB 3.0 port, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort all packed in a body which measures in at 20mm, so while it's certainly not the thinnest Ultrabook around HP believe it's worth it's weight in silicon.

Costing $1,399 you'd hope so, and with the Spectre due to arrive in the UK as well don't expect it to be any more competitively priced so the question will be, can it compete with the cheaper MacBook Air.

Is the HP Spectre a premium Ultrabook or a product which can't decide what to be? Let us know via the comments box below…

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HP Spectre teaser trailer

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