The Premier League may be cancelled but you CAN watch Disney+ in the UK right now with this hack

Why wait for Disney+ UK to launch? With this simple trick every movie and TV show can be watched NOW

Disney+ UK
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Disney+ UK is incoming, with an official launch date of March 24, 2020. However, for those who just can't wait, there is actually a simple way to enjoy Disney Plus in the UK literally right now.

T3 has broken down this ridiculously simple technique below, which if followed will immediately unlock the entire Disney+ library  — Marvel, LucasFilm, Pixar, Fox, National Geographic and Disney content included.

Everything from The Mandalorian, to Avengers: End Game, Toy Story 4 to Avatar, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi to The Simpsons can be enjoyed right now.

Disney+ UK watch now guide: Step 1 - Sign up for cheap

The first step to watching Disney Plus in the UK today is to sign up to the service. Right now there is a sweet pre-order deal available that lets you bag a year's subscription for just £49.99, which works out at a ludicrously cheap £4.17 per month. The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Disney Plus UK | 1-year subscription | £59.99 £49.99 (£4.17 p/m) | Limited time offer | Available now
With more than 500 movies and in-excess of 7,500 TV show episodes, Disney+ is the new benchmark for streaming service quality. And, neatly, ahead of its official UK launch on March 24, 2020, Disney is running a superb pre-order offer that offers a full year subscription for just £49.99. That translates as a super low £4.17 per month.View Deal

Disney+ UK watch now guide: Step 2 - how to watch

First up, we definitely can't guarantee this will keep working – Disney is quite aggressive about blocking access via VPN, not surprisingly. At present however, while it sometimes takes a little finessing, VPN access does definitely work for us. If it stops working, you'll be able to watch Disney+ in the UK from March 24 anyway.

Anyway, on with the guide: get your VPN up and running, then simply connect to a US-based server (this is stupidly simple, and requires just a few button pushes). Then simply open Disney Plus on your device and, BOOM, welcome to the entire Disney+ library of content, ready for you to watch immediately.

Finding it tricky? Our resident VPN wrangler suggests the following: 'Keep jumping around USA destinations in ExpressVPN, punch into your browser, sign in, and you’re in. The reason you may have to 'jump' is that sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing to not redirect you to If you are having no luck in your browser, try an incognito window.' Now you know.

If you want to stream from your mobile or laptop to a TV, your easiest options are a Google Chromecast or Apple TV streamer – just plug them into your TV via HDMI and you should be sorted. Check out our list of the best media streamers.

Disney+ UK watch now guide: Step 3 - Get a VPN

Oh, you don't have a VPN? In that case, once you're signed up, the next step to watching Disney+ right now in the UK is get hooked up with a VPN. Here at T3 we consider ExpressVPN the best on the market. The best price on ExpressVPN can be seen directly below.

Disney+ UK

Why not immediately start enjoying a film from Marvel's extensive catalogue?

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