How to score discounts on the best PS5 games in Australia

Start your PS5 game collection without paying full price.

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We know you're as excited as we are for the PlayStation 5 launch, but perhaps not so keen on the long-heralded and inevitable price rise for games. Right now, a typical AAA game goes for AU$99.95, and you can usually find them a few dollars cheaper with a bit of shopping around.

For the PS5, though, expect new games to sell for between AU$109 to AU$125. That's justified by the industry due to increasing development costs, and we don't have an argument with that.

Despite that unhappiness for gamers, you can still grab PS5 games cheaper – if you know where to look.

And T3 knows where to look. Below we've compiled a collection of the best bargains for new PS5 games, and there's some very decent savings to be had. 

Note these are for the boxed editions. Currently the digital editions are full price.

So, start your PS5 collection now and scoop up the best launch titles and pocket your savings while you're at it. Nice.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | AU$89 at Amazon (usually AU$95)
Widely acclaimed as the PS5 launch title you simply cannot miss, it's all looking like a sensational experience to start your PS5 gaming life. The version listed above is Miles Morales alone, but if you want the 2017 PS4 game included, the Ultimate Edition is currently AU$109 at Amazon, and AU$125 everywhere else. That said, if you want to save an additional AU$10, the PS4 version is available for AU$79 on Amazon, and upgrades to the next-gen version for free.View Deal

Demon's Souls | AU$109 at Amazon (usually AU$124.95)
Excitement levels are at peak, with Demon's Souls shaping up to be  the top must-have title for the launch of Sony's new megaconsole. This ground-up remake of From Software's classic has an RRP of AU$124.95, which most retailers are abiding by. If you want nearly AU$16 off that price, Amazon is selling it for AU$109.View Deal

Godfall | AU$109 at Amazon (usually AU$124.95)
Godfall was the very first PS5 game announced. We like the look of this third-person melee brawler and here's a nice way to add it to your collection while saving a few dollars. It's not a first-party game, but the same pricing applies: most retailers are selling it for the RRP or a dollar below. At the moment, Amazon is offering the above 13 percent discount.View Deal

Sackboy: A Big Adventure | AU$99 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)
If Sackboy has been a close gaming friend through previous PlayStation versions, then the new one is going to simply blow you away with its finely honed gameplay, and all looking dazzling on the new console. Amazon is selling it for just under a hundred dollars, but there is a trick to getting it cheaper: the PS4 version upgrades to the PS5 version for free and is currently AU$88 at Amazon. It's unclear if there's a time limit on that upgrade offer, and of course, if you buy it physically for PS4 and purchase a PS5 digital edition, it won't work.View Deal

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla | AU$79 / AU$68 at Amazon (usually AU$99.95)
Oh look, another clever shopping exploit to save a bundle: if you want Assassin's Creed: Valhalla cheap for PS5, you're better off buying the PS4 version, at least for the boxed copy version. Why? Because the PS4 version is only AU$68, and comes with a free upgrade to the PS5-optimized version. Meanwhile, the PS5 version is AU$79 at Amazon. It may be more convenient to buy the PS5 version if you don't want to put up with an extra download, but that's your call.View Deal

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War | AU$78 at Amazon (usually AU$119.95)
Shooter fans will be desperate to get their hands on this, and with good reason. The adrenaline action looks unbelievable on PS5 hardware. Major eye-candy plus unbeatable combat. While the latest Black Ops releases a day after the PS5 in Australia, that's close enough for us to consider it a launch title. The price varies wherever you look: JB Hi-Fi has it for AU$109, EB Games has it for AU$119.95, but Amazon's generous 41 percent discount easily beats the competition.View Deal

NBA 2K21 | AU$88 at Amazon (usually AU$109.95)
Another one that shows off just what the PS5 is capable of to amazing effect. Amazon has this cheapest by a landslide. Do note that if you own the base PS4 version, you won't get a free upgrade to PS5: that will only happen if you own the Mamba Forever Edition, which is currently AU$119 on AmazonView Deal

Planet Coaster: Console Edition | AU$69 at Amazon (usually AU$79.95)
This is a different gaming experience, and its fresh take on the sim-coaster experience has us hugely keen. This brilliant amusement park simulator isn't a full price title, but yet again, Amazon has it the cheapest. The game actually ships a couple of days before launch, so if it's the PS5 launch title you're most excited for, you should have it ready to go, day one.View Deal